Step 1

On the device you want to register, open a web browser and navigate to a website (such as You will be redirected to the Network Registration website as seen below.

If you navigate to a site that begins with https (such as, you will receive a certificate warning. You will need to accept the certificate or navigate to a different website before being redirected to the Network Registration website.

Network Registration login screen

Step 2

Enter your Active Directory user name and password, then click Submit.

If you need to setup or reset the password for your AD account, go to

If you are affiliated with the Medical Center, you can use your URMC-SH account. Enter the account in the format of

Step 3

After successfully logging in, you may be prompted to install the SafeConnect Policy Key. You will need to have administrator rights to install it.

To complete installation of the policy key, select your computer’s operating system.