The Sophos Mobile Control web interface allows you to register your own devices and carry out other tasks without having to contact the IT Help Desk.

Access the Self-Service Portal

1. Go to the Sophos Mobile Control Self-Service Portal.

2. Log in with your Active Directory credentials.

Sophos Mobile Control screenshot

3. After logging in, you will see any devices registered to you on the welcome page.

Sophos Mobile Control screenshot

Manage Your Device(s)

The management area is where you can send certain tasks to your phone in case the phone is lost or stolen. This area will also provide certain information about your device and how it’s connected with Sophos Mobile Control.

Device name This will show the registered device and its name
Compliance Information This area shows some information about the requirements the device has met:

  • Last time the device contacted the server
  • Whether the device is being managed by Sophos
  • If the device is compliant with policies
  • Whether the device has email access
Tasks The list of actions that you may run from the Self-Service Portal

  • Decommission – Disconnect the device from the service
  • Reconfigure – Should Sophos Mobile Control have been removed from your device and the device is still registered, you can reconfigure your device here
  • Locate – In case of theft or loss, you can locate your registered device based on GPS location
  • Lock – In case of theft or loss, you can lock your registered device
  • Refresh Data – Synchronize the device manually
  • Reset Password – In case you forget your device PIN, you can reset the password
  • Wipe – In case of theft or loss, you can reset your device to factory setting