Step 1

Make sure you are connected to the University network

Step 2

Go to the appropriate Duo Security Registration Page and log in:

Duo for NetID
Includes HRMS, University VPN, UR Student and UR Financials

Duo for University AD
Includes CLICK IRB, End User Computing and O365-OWA (Webmail)

Duo for URMC AD
Includes URMC VPN, Email and eRecord/ePartner

Step 3

On the “Choose Your Device” screen, select “Landline”, then click Continue.

Duo Screenshot

Step 4

Select your country from the drop down list, then type in your phone number. Check the box to confirm that you entered it correctly, then click Continue.

Duo Screenshot

Step 5

If you would like to add another device as a backup, click “Enroll another device”. If not, click “Done” to continue to the authentication prompt.

Duo Screenshot

Step 6

Select your device from the dropdown menu, then select “Phone call” to authenticate your phone.

Duo Screenshot

Step 7

Answer the phone call and listen to the instructions to authenticate. Pressing any button will allow access; hanging up the call without pressing any other buttons will deny access.

Step 8

You have successfully enrolled your device.

To enroll another device, refer to the device management guide.

Step 9

To log in to one of the Duo-authenticated systems, follow the tutorials on the Duo Tutorials page.