Everyone at the University of Rochester with an active University/URMC email address (rochester.edu) is eligible for a free LastPass account. LastPass is a password manager that securely stores your logins and personal information in a secure vault. As you visit apps and sites, the LastPass browser plug-in or mobile app auto-fills your login credentials. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill login information for you. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create & Setup Your Account

Faculty and staff should contact the University Help Desk at 275-2000 or the Medical Center Help Desk at 275-3200 to request a free LastPass account. You’ll receive an email invitation to set up your account and create a strong master password. Install the computer web browser plug-in or download the LastPass mobile app from your store. Your master password should be unique (not used anywhere else) and the recommended length is 14 characters.

All University Faculty/ Staff/ Students can get a free premium personal account. (You will be required to enter a personal email address).

All University Faculty/ Staff/ Students can also sign up for a free family sharing from their LastPass premium personal account in the LastPass console.

Students can click here to activate their LastPass premium account.

*** Please Note: Duo is a two-step authentication that verifies your identity through your mobile phone, tablet or landline. If you currently do not have Duo, visit the enroll-in-duo page to get started before completing step 2.

Step 2: Log In

Click the button on your browser toolbar to log in to LastPass. If you don’t see the LastPass icon on your toolbar, visit LastPass.com/download to add it. Complete your Duo authentication using your Active Directory account to access your vault.

See log in tutorial for more details.

Step 3: Start Saving Passwords to Your LastPass Vault

When you log in to websites, LastPass will ask to add the password to your vault. Saved passwords will sync across devices and browsers so they are safe and up-to-date. Create folders and organize your logins – use your LastPass vault like a “Favorites” to quickly access sites.

View the adding passwords tutorial for more details.

Step 4: Set Up Your Recovery Options

Once you have created your LastPass account, it is strongly recommended that you set up and configure all account recovery options so that you can regain access to your LastPass Vault if your Master Password is ever forgotten.

If recovery options are not set up and you are unable to recover your Master Password, you will need to create a brand new LastPass account and re-enter all of your Vault data.

** PLEASE NOTE: If a master password is forgotten, LastPass Customer Care has no knowledge of a user’s Master Password, therefore, it is not possible for LastPass Customer Care to reset or change a user’s Master Password. 

Additional Information

Visit the tutorials page for directions on getting LastPass for your mobile device.