When you enrolled with Duo, you set a default device to use. If you enrolled any additional devices and now want to use one of the non-default devices to log in to the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), you must follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the HRMS login page. Enter your NetID.

Step 2

In the password field, type in your password immediately followed by a comma and the authentication method and/or device you want to use:

Appended password Result
password,push Receive a push notification from the Duo Mobile app installed on your default enrolled smart phone or tablet
password,phone Receive a phone call from Duo Security on your default enrolled phone
password,sms Receive an SMS text message containing a passcode from Duo Security on your default enrolled phone

If you have multiple of one type of device enrolled (e.g. two phones), you will also need to add a number to the end of the appended text. For example, push2 will send a push notification to your second phone/tablet and phone3 will call your third enrolled phone.

Step 3

Click Sign In, then follow the instructions to authenticate with your chosen method or device.

More Examples

To request a text message on your default mobile phone, type:


To request a push notification on your backup tablet, type:


To request a phone call on your second phone, type: