If you get a new phone, you will need to reactivate in order to use the Duo Mobile app again. Follow the steps below on a computer that is connected to the University network.

Step 1

Go to the appropriate Duo Security Registration Page and log in:

Duo for NetID
Includes HRMS, University VPN, UR Student and UR Financials

Duo for University AD
Includes CLICK IRB, End User Computing and O365-OWA (Webmail)

Duo for URMC AD
Includes URMC VPN, Email and eRecord/ePartner

Step 2

Click on My Settings & Devices.

Step 3

Verify your identity.  Since we’re reactivating Duo Mobile, Duo Push will not work.  Instead, choose either Call Me or Passcode (which will send you a code via text message).

Step 4

Click Device Options on the phone you are reactivating.

Step 5

Click Reactivate Duo Mobile.


Step 6

Choose a verification method and enter the code provided, click Verify, then click Continue.


Step 7

Select your phone’s operating system, then click Continue.

Step 8

Install the Duo Mobile app on your device if you have not already done so, then click Continue.

Step 9

On your phone, open the Duo Mobile app.  Click the “+” icon on the top of the screen.  Hold your phone up to the computer and scan the on-screen barcode using the Duo Mobile application’s built-in scanner.  After you have scanned the barcode, click Continue.