If you get a new phone, you will need to reactivate in order to use the Duo Mobile app again. Follow the steps below on a computer that is connected to the University network.

Step 1

Download the Duo Mobile app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc. on your new phone.

Step 2

Go to the appropriate Duo Security Registration Page and log in:

Step 3

Select the device you are reactivating from the dropdown menu.

Step 4

Select “Passcode” then click the “Send SMS passcodes” link.

  • You will receive a text message shortly containing a passcode. This passcode will expire 30 minutes from the time you request it.

Step 5

Enter the passcode you received in the Passcode field on the enrollment site, then press “Manage devices”.

duo mobile reactivation screenshot

Step 6

From the Actions drop-down menu, select “Activate Duo Mobile”

duo mobile reactivation screenshot

Step 7

Select your phone’s operating system, then click Continue.

duo mobile reactivation screenshot

Step 8

Select the checkbox next to “I have Duo Mobile installed” then click Continue.

Step 9

On your phone, open the Duo Mobile app. Click the “+” and then tap the “Scan Barcode” link.

Step 10

Hold your phone up to the computer and scan the on-screen barcode using the Duo Mobile application’s built-in scanner. After you have scanned the barcode, click Continue.

duo mobile reactivation screenshot