Application Process

To access the ISIS online system, a user must have all of the following:

  1. A valid MVS user ID and password
  2. A valid department ID and password that are defined to ISIS
  3. A valid ISIS user ID (same as the MVS user ID) and password

To access ISIS data through Natural, a user must have

  1. A valid MVS user ID and password
  2. That MVS user ID attached to an ADABAS password

Set Up User IDs

  1. Go to the Manage Mainframe Account form
  2. Select “Requesting a new Mainframe account” in the first field, then provide the required information.
  3. To set up an ISIS user ID at the same time as your new MVS user ID, select ISIS in the Security Requirements section and choose the ISIS screen transactions needed.
  4. Submit the form for processing.

Set Up a Department ID

To create a new department, submit a request to the IT Help Desk. The new department must be approved before screens may be added.

Add Screens / Transactions to a Department

To add new screens to your department, you must have written approval from the department that owns the screen(s), then notify the IT Help Desk.

Request ADABAS Access

Submit a written request with specific details for file access to the appropriate ADABAS file custodian. If you’re unsure who the custodian is, call the IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000.


Security and privacy are two major concerns in the collection, distribution and use of information from ISIS. Security is provided at many levels.

Departments are encouraged to schedule periodic reviews of ISIS permissions as maintained by their staff. Inactive permissions should be deleted and inaccurate permissions modified.

If an ISIS user leaves, request that their ISIS permissions be deleted and consider changing department passwords.

Upon request, University IT will provide current ISIS permission reports by screen and/or by department to assist departments in this process.

Reminder: Security is circumvented when user IDs of former employees are passed on to new employees or passwords are shared within the department. For more information about creating strong passwords, visit the Information Security webpage.