University to launch new method for accessing Outlook 365 Webmail

The University is launching a new method for accessing Outlook 365 Webmail in an effort to reduce phishing and spam attacks. Effective December 19th, faculty, staff and students using Outlook 365 Webmail will need to use Two-Factor Authentication to access from outside the University’s network. The University uses Duo, a service that validates your identity before granting access to services.


** PLEASE NOTE: This is the same Two-Factor Authentication application used when logging into HRMS from outside the University’s network. 


Unlike HRMS which utilizes NetID, Outlook 365 Webmail uses the University’s Active Directory login credentials so an additional Duo enrollment is required.

  • Enroll in Duo here, and select “University Duo using Active Directory” to get started.


For assistance, contact the University IT Help Desk at 275-2000 or