Big Data Analytics

The Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) offers a number of solutions for researchers who work with big data. Services include access to hardware with large memory, storage for large data sets, and the ability to process data using MapReduce technologies and other analytics software packages.

Computational Science Consulting

Computational scientists at the Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) are trained at the Ph.D. level and serve as translators between domain knowledge and technical expertise in using research computing. They collaborate with investigators on projects, co-author publications, and are often partially funded through grant projects.

Contract Management

The Contract Management Program offers stewardship and consistency for Information Technology (IT) contracts and services as a value-added service.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture describes the principles and standards by which the organization utilizes information technology to meet business objectives. The architecture team sets policies and guidelines based on industry best practices and provides governance through collaboration with stakeholders to develop systems that are highly available, scalable, fault tolerant and secure.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts provide a convenient and secure way for guests of the University — such as visiting scholars, special program attendees, and contract employees — to access a variety of online services at the University of Rochester. Active University, URMC and Affiliate Hospital employees can sponsor and manage their guests in the Guest Account System.

Integrated Online Research Administration (IORA)

IORA is a comprehensive suite of software solutions capable of managing various research functions. This system replaced the previous grants database, UR-Coeus. It is the repository for all Funded and Unfunded grant agreements. IORA is part of a larger, institution-wide Research Administration Systems Modernization Plan.

Project Portfolio Management

The Project and Portfolio Management Office oversees the overall IT portfolio functions that drive strategy, planning, delivery, and execution across departmental and enterprise impacting projects and programs. Provides oversight for several Service Centers, including the Project Management Office and multiple University help desks to ensure appropriate customer service levels

Remote Access (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to access restricted University resources from off campus through a secured Internet connection. Faculty, staff, and students with a current, active relationship with the University can use VPN. University resources that do not require VPN to access remotely include email, SharePoint, and most library resources.

Research Computing

The Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) provides researchers with access to two high-performance computing systems: Blue Hive Linux cluster and the Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. The systems host nearly 600 applications and libraries and more than 2 petabytes of storage for a wide variety of academic disciplines.


The VISTA Collaboratory is a visualization lab equipped with an interactive display wall that is connected to supercomputers. Capable of rendering massive data sets in real time, it provides an immersive environment to visualize and analyze complex data. Remove visualization is also available, allowing you to visualize data on Blue Hive and view it on your personal computer.