Learn How To Keep Your Information Secure


AlertUR is the University's emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, alerts are sent to the University community by phone call, text message, or email. All students and employees are automatically enrolled with their University email address. You can opt to provide other contact information by logging in to the system with your NetID.

Antivirus Software

The University offers Sophos Antivirus for Windows and Mac OS X to the University community at no cost. Download it on your personal and work computer to keep your computer and the University network safe.

Desktop Encryption

Full disk encryption is available for computers that handle high-risk sensitive data. To protect the data from unauthorized access, all data on your computer’s internal hard drive is converted into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture identifies the principles and standards by which an enterprise will organize itself to most effectively achieve its business goals. Architects will consult with individuals and departments to develop a streamlined approach to guide technology, information, business, and solutions standards throughout the University.


The University firewall maintains the security and proper functioning of the University network by filtering out unwanted traffic. Departmental firewall service includes design consultation, installation, upgrades, and 24/7 monitoring and support.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a data loss prevention tool that searches University-owned computers — including storage devices, file shares, and emails — for files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the form of Social Security Numbers, credit card information, and bank account numbers. Any PII found must be deleted securely, redacted, or registered with University IT.

IT Equipment Recovery Program

You can securely recycle personal or University-owned consumer electronics free of charge. Hard drives in recycled equipment will be destroyed at a secure University location, and serial number tracking on hard drives will give you peace of mind. Please keep all equipment secured until pickup.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management software allows you to remotely manage and secure devices that store sensitive data. Employees in protected class departments that want to access UR email/calendar on their personal or University-owned device are required to install this software and register their device first. This process must be repeated if the device is replaced.

Remote Access (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to access restricted University resources from off campus through a secured Internet connection. Faculty, staff, and students with a current, active relationship with the University can use VPN. University resources that do not require VPN to access remotely include email, SharePoint, and most library resources.