Entry 1

Title: Procure to Pay: Moving Forward

Target Audience: Faculty and Staff

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, Cameron Bojko, Michael Capehart

The University of Rochester is continuously developing new technologies and approaches that help assist us in adapting to the Digital Age. 312 Requisitions forms (Blue Req’s), for example, have been used by the University to request the purchase of products or services through Corporate Purchasing. The process of filling out these forms have become a long and daunting task which is why in early 2019, the department started to pilot a new streamlined online process called, Procure to Pay (P2P), slowly diminishing the use of paper as the P2P process progresses. Notice the character in the animation starts to become shorter as the video plays through to show our efforts in becoming more environmentally friendly as we slowly phase out these paper forms.

Prior to launching the new system, an animated video was created to notify employees of the upcoming change with a stack of blue requisition papers (Rex) as the video’s spokesperson. While brainstorming, our team faced the challenge that some individuals who have become accustom to the forms may not embrace this new changeWith this in mind, the script and animation’s main goal was to show our target audience that the University will be there for them every step of the way to provide training and enhance their productivity.

**Closed caption available

Entry 2

Title: Facebook Cloning Scam

Target Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, Vern Williams, Jay Riley

IT’s Communications department are always trying to find new avenues to educate the UR community on security awareness. In this instance, monthly animated security tips were created in a news-like setting following a specific theme to intrigue viewers and provide our audience with an entertaining visual to staying secure. In March 2018, we promoted social media security specifically targeted towards the highly reported Facebook scams.

To raise awareness, these videos have been shared to various University of Rochester newsletters, departments and staff meetings.

**Closed caption available

Entry 3

Title: University IT Badge

Target Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon

A short motion graphic element to use on various platforms (social media, youtube, presentations etc.) to enhance our visual identity.