After the default Posts and Files tabs, there can be any number of additional tabs that can be added across the top to accompany them.



Tab Options Include:

  • Office documents: If there is an important document to the entire team, it can be added across the top.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The file itself must already exist in the Files tab.

      1. Click on the + sign and select the Office application needed.
      2. Teams will then prompt for the file of the document type to be added. 
      3. The tab can then be renamed to better represent what is contained within so users know they can access it. 
      4. Tabs show across for all team members. 
  • Planner / To-Do: Create a plan and tasks for the team by adding a tab for it here. 
  • Websites: Any website can be added by pasting the URL into the dialog box when choosing the Website option.
    • If the website requires logins, everyone needs to log into their “instance” of the website. 
    • There are no cookies, so nothing is saved. 
  • Any 3rd party application that is currently enabled in Teams may have an option here [Trello, Zoom, etc.]