Create easy to use forms and accessible reports that can use automated assessment scheduling and reminders. Integrating with Blackboard’s gradebook, you can link course assignments to learning outcomes and even use individual student based assessment.

Prior to collecting assessment data, your course must be part of an identified and published curriculum mapping. Your curriculum map will include a mastery rubric scale, as well as the program learning outcomes that are associated with your course. Contact AEFIS support to learn more.

Once your course is connected to a program in AEFIS and assessments are scheduled to be collected, you can link existing assignments to the program learning outcomes. Please note that AEFIS updates monthly so screenshots may not be exactly the same as current product.

AEFIS – Assignment Linking

After you have created links to assignments, it is possible to view the status of your current students with regards to the existing assignment grades. This allows you to determine how well your linking is working.

AEFIS – Reviewing Assessment Results

Video on Assignment Linking and Assessment Review

Note: Assessment close a few weeks after the end of a given term. All scores at that time are permanently pulled into AEFIS for future reporting. Please make sure that your linking is correct prior to the end of that period.

Data Collection: Course Assessment (SON)

Contact AEFIS support to learn more.

Administrators: Creating a Program in AEFIS

Assessment coordinators can create programs in AEFIS. The instructions for creating a program are provided below. Please contact AEFIS Support for assistance in getting started.

AEFIS – Program Mapping

This document contains specific information about the Settings area of a Program.

AEFIS – Program Mapping – Settings

This document contains specific information about defining Student Outcomes within a Program.

AEFIS – Program Mapping – Student Outcomes