Utilizing the chat tab in Microsoft Teams is an essential part of the overall experience. This is where everyone will come for basic communications include chats, impromptu meetings, desktop sharing, or file exchanges. 

Users are free to communicate with anyone else in the organization with many additional features to ensure a rich experience.


Essential Components of Utilizing Chat: 

  • The Basics 
  • Chat’s 
  • Calls & Meetings 
  • File Sharing 
  • Active Directory Presence & Status Messages 


Anyone in the organization can have a conversation started with. Choosing their name from the people pickerwhen beginning a conversation will open the main screen to this action.


Features of Chat:

  • All chats with other users remain indefinitely. Chat history is permanent.
  • You can chat with up to 20 other users at a time in “group” chats.
  • Chats have a direct link to calls which include video and desktop sharing.
  • Users can exchange files freely.
  • Everything is searchable Files and conversation histories.