Connecting to the development server via SSH or SFTP client

You are required to set a new password for your account on the Web server in order to upload changes to your Web site and use the “Deploy” program.

If you do not have SSH software on your computer visit the Security and Policy site for links to free downloads. If you need more help, please contact your desktop support person or the University IT Center help desk (x52000).

Once you are ready to login with your SSH client the address of the development Web server is If you do not remember your username and/or password, you must go to the University IT Center in Rush Rhees Library to have your password reset. This cannot be done over the phone or by e-mail.

Once your password is reset, remember to install that same password in any software that connects to the Web server such as Dreamweaver, or an SFTP client.

The SFTP and Dreamweaver remote address is NOTE: If are trying to connect to in your SFTP program it will not work.

Connecting to the development server via browser

While the production server and the associated virtual servers are unrestricted, the development server and the associated virtual servers are restricted to us, the Web publishers by a privacy screen.

What does this mean? When browsing to a development server like you will be prompted to enter a username and password. This is our privacy screen to keep non-publishers and search robots out of our development site. This is NOT asking for YOUR username/password.You can tell that this is the privacy screen by looking for the line “name=development”.

Everybody uses the same username and password for browser access to development. This insures the development environment is private and not searchable or linkable from outside.

This username and password has been issued to every Web publisher via email or on paper. If you did not get yours please contact

The privacy screen login is effective for the duration of your browser session. When you shut your browser down it forgets this login. The next time you browse to the development server you will have to login to the privacy screen again. If you browse to a different development server during a session you will be asked to login to the privacy screen on that server. Use the same username/password for all development servers.

After you get past the privacy screen, if you are going to Deploy, you will see the Deploy login screen. This is where you enter YOUR username/password.


Using the new development server, information providers will be able to preview their work as it will appear on the Internet without actually having it “linked” to In order to move sites from the development server to, providers will need to use a utility program called “Deploy.”

This can be reached by going to