As part of the University of Rochester’s ongoing community service efforts, University IT, in collaboration with the Office of Government and Community Relations, has created this online resource to assist non-profits, neighborhood organizations, and other qualifying organizations in finding reasonably priced computers. Experience has taught us that, while the University may be able to provide recycled computers for this purpose, there are existing vendors with whom we have established relationships that are better able to meet the need. Our recycled computers have the hard drives removed for security reasons, meaning that potential recipients would need to purchase a new hard drive, operating system, and other associated hardware or software. Strapped community organizations needing functional computers can find this to be a costly and onerous process.

University IT has collaborated with local vendors to provide more cost-effective opportunities for you. Included below is information about local and national resources that may be worth pursuing. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback. Please feel free to mention that you saw this on the University of Rochester’s website.


Local Vendors

SunnKing Electronics Recycling:
Contact Phil Bove at (585) 391-1505 or



National Resources

Tech Soup
TechSoup is a nonprofit that connects other nonprofits, charities, or public libraries with technology products, solutions, and learning resources. Users that are registered and qualified with TechSoup can access donated and discounted products and services, including high-quality refurbished hardware, and software from partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Gates Foundation works with partner organizations worldwide to (1) fight hunger and poverty, (2) advance science and technology, (3) improve U.S. high school and postsecondary education, and (4) build strategic relationships and promote policies to advance their work. Their approach to grant making emphasizes collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, and results.