This role leads the definition of data access rules.  A trustee is primarily concerned with risk and exposure of data. Each domain, sub-domain, or term will have an trustee.

Duties of a Trustee

  • Determines policies, guidelines, and business rules by which others are granted access to a data domain or data related to a specific business term.
  • Reviews and approves ad hoc requests.  For example: view access, data feeds, or corrections to data.
  • Considers the costs of access control granularity versus the potential impact of misuse of access.
  • Determines the security classification of the data and follows University security policies when making access decisions.
  • Determines access rules that apply equally to original data and any copies of that data.
  • May delegate these duties to others.


Data Domain Assigned Trustee(s)
Faculty Director, University Human Resource Management System and University Director, Institutional Research
Human Resources Director, University Human Resource Management System
International Associate Provost for Global Advancement
Organization Public Information Coordinator, Office of University Communications
Sponsored Projects Associate Vice President for Research & Project Administration
Student Record University Registrar
Student Account University Bursar