A steward leads the definition of business terms.  A steward is primarily concerned with language and the meaning of data.  Stewards are experts in their data area and use the data in their domain on a daily basis. Each data domain, sub-domain, or term has a steward.

Duties of a Steward

  • Creates a clear and unambiguous definition of a term.
  • Specifies the values that the term may take and the meaning of those values.
  • Defines appropriate usage of the term.
  • Defines data entry quality standards for recording of values of the term.
  • Ensures consistent usage.  The term has the same meaning where ever it is used.
  • Identifies similar terms and documents how they differ from the term being identified.
  • Oversees cleanup of errors in data that correspond to the term.
  • Identifies unused terms and manages their deprecation.
  • May delegate authority to others.


Data Domain Assigned Steward
Faculty University Director, Institutional Research
Finance Assistant Controller
Human Resources Director, University Human Resource Management System
International Associate Provost for Global Engagement
Organization Public Information Coordinator, Office of University Communications
Sponsored Projects Senior Information Analyst, Office of Research and Project Administration
Student Record University Registrar
Student Account University Bursar
Advancement Associate Vice President, University Advancement
Space Senior Information Analyst, Campus Planning, Design & Construction Management