Guest accounts are required for individuals who enter into a relationship with the University as contract labor staff, volunteers, vendors, community physicians, visitors from other institutions, etc.   Guest accounts are requested and can be proactively managed by your sponsor including reactivating accounts if they are allowed to expire.

This document is NOT intended for staff and non-credentialed physicians of Community Physician practices that require ePartner access Community Physician ePartner Guest


Guest Responsibilities:

  • Taking action on messages you receive from, Display Name ‘University of Rochester Identity Management System‘
  • Ensuring your follow all of the IT policies at including:
    • Individual user passwords shall not be shared
    • Your identity shall be verified before performing password resets
    • Any device used to connect to the network shall use full-disk encryption and anti-virus software to protect the confidentiality of information on laptops and other mobile devices
  • Identity (URID) Creation / Matching:

The URID is a unique 8-digit number generated and assigned to all users for whom the University and its affiliates wish to maintain identity information. The URID is generated by the Unique ID System, which is managed by University IT.  URID creation requires the collection of PII (Personal Identifying Information).  PII includes information such as name, date of birth, social security number, home address and phone, personal e-mail address, etc. Employers have limitations on use, posting, printing and communicating of PII. Sponsors NEVER see guest’s PII.

ALL guest relationship requests will require the guest to input their PII to either create a new URID for them if they have never had one created as a part of a formal past relationship with the university or to match them to an existing URID if they have had one created in the past. Guests will input their PII in one of two ways.

  1. During the request submission if they are with the sponsor at the time the request is submitted.
  2. By logging into the Guest Account System from a link provided in an email to the guest if the guest is not with the sponsor in-person when the request is submitted.


University Account Initialization 

Account Initialization is a one-time process that all new users (faculty, staff, students, and guests) must follow when joining the University of Rochester/Medical Center and its affiliates. This process allows for the initialization of all University accounts and enrollment of those accounts in our two-factor authentication solution, DUO Security.  Duo will be required for remote access and to verify your identity when calling one of the help desks to have a password reset.

You will need your URID to login to the University Account Initialization site.  You will receive your URID one of two ways, depending on how the sponsor submits the request.

  1. If the sponsor submits your request as a single request, the sponsor will be sent an email with your account info and URID.  This will be provided to you by your sponsor when they are ready to have you start working.
  2. If the sponsor submits multiple guest requests at once, you will receive the email with your account info and URID after your identity has been created or tied to an existing URID.


See FAQ’s for Guests