How and where are public notes vs. private notes available to view in the system?

Are advising notes available to other advisors or administrators? Or are they just available to the user who made the note?

Advising notes, with current functionality and configuration, are available to anyone with access to the Advising Notes security domain and with access to that particular students record. Faculty only have access to their own advisees. Administrators have access across their academic unit. All Advisor and Records Administrator/Registrar roles have access to advising notes with our current security configuration. The students cannot see advising notes.

Are advising notes available to students under FERPA, or otherwise discoverable to outside investigative organizations?

It is our understanding based on conversations with UR resources familiar with this topic, that advising notes in UR Student are “discoverable” for investigative entities. Any note created in any system is actually discoverable, though. Only notes that are kept as private notes to self are not discoverable from a legal stand point. If the note is accessible to others or placed in a database, file or system, then it is discoverable.

Will Academic Progress for Graduate level students represent all progress against all academic requirements for a given program?

Since the graduate schools will not initially be defining and managing all their academic requirements within UR Student, the “academic progress” data for a graduate student will only reflect progress towards completion of total credits associated with that degree, not additional requirements that are often associated with PHD programs.

How are department affiliations stored for visiting students?

The current approach is to have school specific visiting student cohorts.

Can advisors add/remove students from cohorts? If so, is there an option to remove that capability on an ad hoc basis?

The only roles that are planned to be granted “modify” access is “Program Coordinator”. Otherwise cohort membership will be managed at the AU level by the appropriate Records Administrator or Dean/Dean’s Delegate, as well as the UR Student Support Team. Specific roles cannot be modified on an individual by individual basis.