How does Box Drive work?

Box Drive is an application that displays all file and folder meta data from your UR Box account to a desktop client. When you access a file from Box Drive, the application downloads the file in question and opens it locally on your computer. After you finish making edits and save, the changes are saved back up to the cloud and stored on your Box account.

How much hard drive space does Box Drive utilize?

Box Drive utilizes a minimum of 1GB of hard drive space, and not more than 25GBs for locally cached data.

Which files can I access when using Box Drive?

Box Drive allows you to view all files and folders your have access to in your Box account, just as if you were viewing your files via on the web. The actions you can take with those files (download, view, edit) are the same in Box Drive as on the web.

Can I access my files in Box Drive when I am not connected to a network?

Yes. While you must have an active network connection in order to access your all of your Box content in Box Drive, you can mark specific files and folders to be available when offline: Instructions for marking content for offline availability.

Can I use Box Drive and Box Sync at the same time?

No. Using Box Drive and Box Sync on the same computer is not supported. When installing Box Drive, you will be prompted to uninstall Box Sync. Box Drive and Box Sync can be uninstalled manually using the following instructions:

I am getting an error message when using Box Drive. What does it mean?

Error messages may indicate a problem with a file or folder, a permissions issue, or other technical problem when using Box Drive. Review the Box Drive error notifications to see if the error message and suggested resolution are available.

If you need additional assistance with an error message you receive when using Box Drive, contact your Box Group Administrator or University IT.

How can I clear my Box Drive data from my computer?

Box Drive features a “clean logout” which clears all local data from your workstation when you manually log out of the application. See Box Drive logout for instructions to manually logout of Box Drive.