How do I find out what my alias is?

Once an alias is created for you, you will receive a confirmation email with your new alias. You can also use the online directory to look up your alias.

How do I change my alias?

Log in to the alias system, then choose another alias from the list of options.

What if I have a nickname?

Your alias options are based on your name as it appears in the online directory. If your nickname is listed in the directory, it will be used to generate your alias.

What if I have a space or suffix in my name?

Spaces are removed from names, but suffixes are retained. If your name is Michael Van Arsdale, your alias might be If your name is John Doe Jr., your alias might be The exact address will depend on the number of people who are (or have been) at the University with your name.

What if I have a hyphen or apostrophe in my name?

Hyphens and apostrophes are retained and will be included in your alias.

How long does it take to change my alias?

Changes will be in place within a few hours.

How do I decide what address people see in the online directory?

If you opt to use an alias, the alias is considered your preferred email address and will be displayed in the online directory.

Why does the alias system generate addresses that I don't want it to?

The alias system pulls information from the Human Resources databases. If your information is incorrect, contact your department’s Human Resources representative.