What’s the difference between this pager and the pager I currently use?

Your new device is encrypted and provides safeguards to ensure the content of pages sent to you remains secure.

Depending on the model of your current pager, the new pager may function slightly different. See the user guide for instructions for using the encrypted model pager.

Will my pager number remain the same when I switch to encrypted paging?

Yes. Your ten digit pager number (585-220-xxxx) and your PIC number (16-xxxx) will remain the same when your pager is transitioned to an encrypted device.

I have Spok Mobile with pager. Will this affect my Spoke Mobile application?

No. The Spok Mobile application and functionality is not affected by this change. Only physical pager devices are affected by this change.

Spok Mobile without pager is not affected by this change.

How do I reset my encrypted password?

Contact the IT Help Desk at 585-275-2000 or univithelp@rochester.edu to request an encrypted paging password reset. The IT Help Desk will need to know the following information to reset your password:

  • Name
  • Pager Number