Why do I need a URMC email account?

A URMC or UR email address is required to login to the Guest Account System

What will be sent to my URMC email account?

  • All account initialization instructions will be send to the site contact after their guest’s URMC accounts are created.  These instructions will need to be provided to your guest when you are ready for them to use their account.
  • Expiration renewal emails will be sent to the site contact mailbox 30, 14 and 7 days before accounts are set to expire.
  • Account updates when your relationship ends or any other relationship your guest has ends informing you of changes to their account.

Do I need to submit requests for Providers with Privileges?

No Providers with Privileges will be considered employees and created through automation in the near future when full Auto-provisioning is completed (likely September 2021).  In the meantime, individual URMC departments should be requesting access for Providers with Privileges.

How long will a guest account be valid?

This will depend on the needs of the guest, and the permission granted by the sponsor. The maximum term of a guest account is thirteen months; however, it can be renewed each year.

What do the statuses mean in the Guest Account System?

Waiting for Guest: Sponsor has submitted guest account request and is waiting for the guest to complete his/her information.

Timed Out: Guest did not fill out his/her information during the two-week time period.

Waiting for Identity Resolution: Account creation in process.

Active: Guest account has been created.

Expired: Guest account is no longer active.

Error: There was an issue processing the sponsorship. Contact the IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 or univithelp@rochester.edu for more information.