When will UR Student go live?

The UR Student project timeline has been updated as of December 13th, 2019. Visit the UR Student Timeline page for live dates, training periods, overview of functional release for each go live date and the high level scope of work.

When searching for a student using their student ID from the system Search field, there are no results. How do I search by Student ID?

Searching for a student’s record is possible, based on your security role, when using the Search field in the UR Student system. When searching using a student’s ID, the record will show only when Student from the Categories option is selected. This is located on the left of the search screen. In turn, when searching by a student’s name, the record will show when using the All of Workday Categories option.

Who can I contact with questions regarding UR Student?

Please visit the UR Student support page at https://tech.rochester.edu/ur-student-support/ 

How do I prepare for this change?

There are many ways to prepare for the new student system based on your role; see FAQ – How can I learn about this project and expected changes?

All Staff, Students and Faculty (except the SMD MD Program faculty) will be impacted by this project. Specific learning options will be detailed on their respective pages as we approach our go-live date. Project events (public and by invitation only) are scheduled on our website Calendar.

Will we have the same access in the new UR Student Data Warehouse (DW) as we do today?

Yes – all user accounts and roles will be moved from the current (legacy) Student DW to the new Student DW.

Will I be able to report on both my legacy and UR Student data out of the new Student Data Warehouse (DW)?

Yes – as part of the new Student DW build, we will be bringing over all the data that currently exists in the legacy Student DW over to the new Student DW. When converting data from your legacy system reports, you will be able to validate new UR Student reports with the existing data as well as historical data. That being said, the transition to UR Student will impact legacy data attributes like Time Status, Raw Codes and Tuition Codes that do not exist in the new system. The project team is currently working through “bridge documentation” that will help users who currently rely on these data attributes to adjust their reporting approach to align with UR Student. More information on this will be available by the time we go into Day-in-the-Life (DIL) testing.

If the emergency contact in the legacy SIS was a parent, I see the friend and family conversion correctly labeled as “parent.” However, when the emergency contact is a spouse, it’s showing up as “legacy.” Is this correct?

For the conversion of emergency contact information, the value of legacy was used in scenarios where we didn’t have a straight pathway to get the data into UR Student.  The only values we are bringing in as they are in the legacy SIS are the ‘Parent’ and the ‘Legal Guardian’.  All of the other values are being brought in as ‘Legacy’.  Once we have the data converted, and we are live, students would have the ability to go in and update their emergency contact information.

Will the system time out if I have logged into it, but have not used it for a while?

Once logged into the UR Student system, if it remains open on your computer with no activity, the system will timeout after 45 minutes.  Please remember that if you walk away from your computer with the UR Student system open, you should activate your password protected screen saver, or log out of the UR Student system.

When running a report in UR Student (on a task such as Manage Program Completion) sometimes what is returned is not ALL the data results. Why is that?

Some tasks only allow 1000 results to return on screen. For tasks with more than 1000 rows of data, the system selects the most relevant results based on a calculation used for that task. To ensure you are seeing the most appropriate information, use the filter criteria to refine results returned to less than 1000.

Is the system available 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

UR Student is available except during the planned downtimes listed here (link to outages schedule sent to you in a separate email).

When should I use UR Student?

Generally speaking our current system will be used for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 term activities. UR student will be used for Fall 2020 term activities, except for adding and removing Advisor Holds which will still be processed in our current system for this term. Use this more detailed guide to see when UR Student should be used and when by Students, Advisors and Faculty Instructors.

What is Onboarding for students in UR Student?

Student onboarding is a process of completing required tasks in the system by students, prior to creating a schedule or registering for classes in UR Student. These include, but are not limited to tasks such as; Review My Home Contact Information, Review My Friends and Family and Consent to receive 1098T electronically. There are 2 types of onboarding processes; Incoming and Continuous. Incoming onboarding begins with an email to students to their email listed on their UR application. This notification also appears in UR Student.