Since Instructors are assigned eligibility by AU’s and / or departments, can a given Instructor have eligiblity in multiple schools or departments? For instance, if an Instructor teaches in both ESM and AS&E, how will that be represented?

There is no concept of “primary” or “secondary” eligibility for an Instructor. An Instructor may have eligibility to as many schools or departments for which he or she teaches. All historical instructor / AU relationships for course sections converted to UR Student will be converted and available at initial go-live.

How are UR Student instructor roles (Instructor, Instructor Additional, Teaching Assistant, and Delegated Grader) being mapped to Blackboard?

The instructor roles in UR Student are mapped to Blackboard as shown below:

UR Student Blackboard
Instructor Instructor
Additional Instructor Instructor
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
Delegated Grader n/a – this information is not populated in Blackboard

PLEASE NOTE: Roles must be published in UR Student before Blackboard can receive them. Only published roles are sent to Blackboard on the integration.

What is the process for, and who has access to, assigning grading delegates in UR Student?

Each AU will need to define their own internal policies and practices for requesting and approving grading delegates. Only individuals mapped to an role that allows them to maintain course sections can actually assign the delegate to a given course section.

Note that in order to be a delegate, an academic appointment and instructor eligibility are required, as they are for anyone assigned to an instructor role. For the first assignment of an individual as a delegated grader, this initial setup may also be required before the individual can be assigned to the course section with a Delegated Grader instructor role.

Will Instructor Access and Advisor Access be going away?

Yes, the functionality currently contained within Instructor Access and Advisor Access will be replaced by UR Student at a future date. The tabs that link to these systems within Blackboard will be used for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 academic terms, then maintained a few months to help with transition. During this time, these tabs also direct users to information about logging into UR Student for Fall 2020. The login for UR Student will be the same as the login for Blackboard (University NetID) but the user will be asked to log into each system separately. We advise users who will need to access both systems to bookmark each for ease of use.

When and how will Instructors, approve student requests to attend class and pull rosters for classes

UR Student is the system of record beginning Fall 2020 term. Instructors will use UR Student for instructor activities such as approve student requests to attend class, viewing schedules, running rosters and grading. Visit the Instructor portal for guidance on how to use the system and see how students will use the system.

What roles currently have access to create affiliate academic appointments and establish instructor eligibility?

Student Records Administrator and Curriculum Administrator in the UR Student system.