Do I need to manage my device through Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365?

Only users in high-risk departments need to comply with this policy and that they should contact the University IT Help Desk to find out if they need to comply.

What are the policies pushed to my device once it is managed?

  • Require a minimum 4-digit PIN or password
    • Note: Some mobile operating systems may require a longer PIN
  • Require the device to be encrypted
  • Lock the device after 1 minute of idle time
  • Allow remote wipe from O365

I just received a notification from MDM for Office 365, what does this mean?

When the policy is applied, you will be able to continue using your 4-digit passcode if it is already compliant. However, if you have no passcode or the one you have is not compliant, you will need to create a compliant 4-digit passcode.

Note: iOS will prompt you to enter a complex 6-digit passcode, but 4 is all that is required.

What changes should I expect when using MDM Management?

You will notice your mobile device will request a security pincode.

How do I set up MDM for Office 365 on my device?

Please contact the University IT Help Desk to have the policies applied.