Is CCAS (College Center for Advising Services) incorporated into the workflow for change of status and other paperwork

The Workday business process will start after CCAS signs off on a student’s paperwork. The Workday BP will start when the Registrar receives signed and approved change of status paperwork.

Should Undergraduate BA Majors be able to be completed, similarly to Undergraduate BS Majors?

The distinction exists because a student who has two BA majors/programs of study only receives one degree, while a student pursing a BS receives a different degree/diploma for each major code. Two BA major codes cannot be conferred independently of each other – they must be conferred as a unit

Future functionality may allow us to associate non-stand-alone programs with standalone programs at conferral (so, you could have someone graduate with a BA and complete any necessary clusters/minors at the same time based on the student meeting all aspects of the Rochester curriculum and then separately and independently complete a BS from the same academic record at a later date)

Does the leave of absence process in UR Student change the documentation requirements when a student returns from leave of absence, even if we know the point in time at which a student will return in advance?

When a student returns from leave of absence, a Request for Return from Leave of Absence must be processed in the system. The University documentation requirements are not expected to change as a result of the UR Student implementation.

Will taxonomy codes for the annual NIH/NSF survey be stored in UR Student?

Educational Taxonomy codes are supported in UR Student for Programs of Study. However, taxonomy codes for the NIH/NSF survey are currently not scheduled to be available for initial go live in February 2019.

To do this, the taxonomy code structure will need to be added, and the programs of study would be updated to add the correct code once that information was provided. UR Student will also support taxonomies at the course level, which is also a potential post go-live activity.

Would a student with an active academic record for a future term be able to register for an earlier term in UR Student? For example, if a student were admitted for Fall 2020, and the application was received in April of that year, could the student potentially enroll for courses in Summer 2020?

A student admitted for a Fall academic period is not allowed to register for a course the preceding Summer term. If the Register Student for Course task is used to attempt to register the student for a course during the summer academic period, the system will return an error message that the student is not active during the academic period. The student would also not be given the opportunity to register themselves during that academic period. The student can only add courses to his or her academic plan for the Fall academic period and future academic periods.

If a student applied and was accepted for a fall term, could that student be allowed to take classes the previous summer?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not the student is changing their term of matriculation to be officially considered a summer start as opposed to the student just wanting to take a few classes early during the summer to get started early.

If a student were a fall matriculant and wanted to take a few classes early during the summer, the suggested course of action would be to add a non-matriculated academic record to the student with a summer start date using the Student Administrative Support System. The student could be registered for coursework as a non-matriculant during the summer. The coursework could be internally articulated to the matriculated program of study once the fall term began.

Modifying the declare date for the matriculated academic record is typically not recommended if the student needs to continue to be viewed as a Fall start, as it would impact other things, such as the IPEDS cohort to which the student is attached as well as the expected ending term for which the student would be eligible for aid.

If a student decided to purse multiple MA Programs of Study , should this be done in the same academic record, or should a new academic record be created?

This depends on whether or not the academic requirements between the programs of study need to be considered as a group towards the completion of the programs. Academic Progress can only consider coursework completed within a single academic record.

If the programs of study do share certain requirements, the new MA should be added as an additional program of study to the existing academic record. The Registrar can administratively add the MA program of study to the record.

If the two programs in question were completely separate with no shared requirements, the additional program could be sent to UR Student on a new application from the appropriate admissions system, and a new academic record would be created.

How is load status and financial aid load accounted for for students with less than full time academic credit, but with T/A or other credits to substantiate full time status?

Placeholder courses and registrations will be used to report load status for students when the student is not earning sufficient academic credit to account for the load status that is appropriate (typically full time status). Examples would include continuation of enrollment, teaching assistantships, etc. For these courses, Other Unit Values would be set to yes, with the appropriate number of unit equivalencies for Financial Aid load purposes defined to substantiate enrollment reporting.
In the example below, this graduate level Master’s Dissertation placeholder course has no academic units of credit defined, but does have 12 units of Financial Aid load. A student with a registration in this course would be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as Full Time Status

How will course sections be represented on the official UR transcript?

The UR Student transcript will use the Abbreviated Title from the Course Section Definition on the transcript. Only the first 56 characters will display on the transcript. If the Abbreviated Title is longer than 56 characters, only the first 56 characters will display.

How will students who "melt" be addressed in UR Student?

We will use the “Discontinue Academic Record” business process in UR Student.  The students’ program of study status will show as “Discontinued” with a Program Of Study status reason of:
    • Deferred Admission
    • Admission Cancellation
For admissions melt, use the Discontinue BP/Status and the reasons of “Deferred Admission” and “Admissions Cancellation.”  For deferrals, which typically get a second matriculation record for the student the subsequent academic period or academic year, the student’s first academic record would be discontinued for deferred admission and then a second record would be created when we get that student as part of the Admissions feed for the term to which the student deferred.
There is also a “other” POS status reason for discontinued records, but this reason will be used for non-admissions related discontinuations and should not be used for “melt” students.