Who needs a license?

Users need a license to create new content (sheets). Collaborators do not need a license to view and/or edit.

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How do I get a license?

License quotes and purchases are provided by the UR Tech Store.

Who can I collaborate with?

Licensed users can share sheets with other University of Rochester Smartsheet users.

Is there a storage limitation?

Smartsheet does not have a storage limit.

How do I contact Smartsheet support?

Smartsheet support can be contacted via email using their webform: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact/smartsheetapp

What is the data classification that Smartsheet is approved to hold?

Smartsheet is secure and approved for low, medium, and high-risk data.

If I'm leaving the University, how do I transfer content (sheets)?

Departing employees should work with their manager to identify new owners for Smartsheet workspaces.

Please Note: After 1 year, if no request to transfer content has been made, old user Smartsheet content will be permanently deleted.

What additional features are provided with the Smartsheet Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise plan includes access to four premium applications, including Calendar App, DataMesh, Dynamic View, and Pivot App. Learn more and find step-by-step instructions on our Tutorials page.