Can I DVR my favorite shows?

Stream2 now includes DVR functionality which allows you to record all your favorite programming and watch at your convenience (with added pause, rewind and fast-forward capability). This feature includes a 24-hour window of replayable content PLUS 20 hours of storage per user!

Can I use playback on my phone app?


What Wi-Fi network should I use?

  • UR_Connected
  • UR_Connected5
  • UR_RC_Guest

What if the app shows "unavailable"?

Restart the app completely by exiting the app and opening it back up.

Can I watch a show any time?

No, you can watch anything from the past 24 hours, and you can save specific episodes (up to 20 hours).

I'm getting the "media playback error"?

Restart the application, after your FIRST download, you may need to restart your device.

Is closed captioning available?

Yes!  You can find it in the options menu in the app.

Can I record multiple shows at the same time?

Yes!  Up to 20 hours worth.

What channels are available with Stream2?

Click here to view channels available.