What is learn.rochester.edu?

Learn.rochester.edu is the University’s student portal. It is based on a system called Blackboard.

Incoming students should have received an email when their account was created.

How do I get access?

Student and faculty accounts are created automatically based on registration data. The system receives course listing and enrollments periodically. These automatically generate accounts for the instructors on record for courses, and the students enrolled in those courses. If you are not enrolled in courses, you may not automatically receive an account.

Staff receive accounts based on employment data. No email is sent for staff accounts.

What is the student's username in learn.rochester.edu?

Users log into Blackboard using their Active Directory (AD) Account.

If you’re unsure of your AD username, you can log into the Identity Management System to find it.

Does it matter what operating system and browser I use to connect to learn.rochester.edu?

Yes. The software that runs learn.rochester.edu (Blackboard) is tested and certified (or compatible) only with certain browser versions on either Windows or MacOS. Check your browser for Blackboard compatibility. Please make sure that your browser is kept up to date.

What features are available in the portal?

The Institution page provides access to a number of academic services.

Why do some of my courses say they're "private"?

The availability of courses in Blackboard is controlled by the instructor. Early in the semester, some instructors may still be building the content in their Blackboard courses, and may not make it available until they’re ready. Also, there are instructors who do not use Blackboard, so their courses will not be made available to students.

I just registered for a new course - why don't I see the link for it in Blackboard?

The registrar’s database (UR Student) and Blackboard do not have “real time” synchronization. Blackboard data is updated from UR Student three times a day Monday through Friday. If you’ve registered for a new course, first be sure that it shows up for you in UR Student. Once it does, it should show up as a Course link on your Blackboard within 12 hours. If it shows up but says “Private” it means that your instructor has not turned on the course yet. The instructor may not be ready to allow access to the course, or may not be using Blackboard.

I need to be added to a course as a student/TA. How do I do that?

The instructor of the course can add you. If the instructor does not know how to do this, there are instructions on our Manage Users page, or they can contact Blackboard support. Please note that Blackboard support cannot add a student or TA to a course at the user’s request. The request must be authorized by the instructor.

How can I see courses from a previous semester?

All of your courses will appear on the Courses page. If the course has been made Private, you will need to contact the instructor of the course and ask that it be made available again.

Why am I not getting my instructor's emails?

First, check your junk mail folder. In many cases, emails coming from Blackboard seem to end up there.

Another possibility is that your email address is incorrect in Blackboard. To check, go to your personal profile page (the one with your name on it).

Hover over your email and a pencil should appear. Click the pencil, update your email address, and click Done.

My email address is wrong in Blackboard. How can I fix it?

Go to your Personal Profile page – the one with your name on it.

Hover over your email and a pencil should appear. Click the pencil, update your email address, and click Done.

Is there any information about Campus services and offices available?

There are links to a number of academic and campus services available from the Institution page.

Can I add money to my meal plan?

There are links to e-Accounts available from the Institution page.

Can my parents add money to my meal plan?

Your parents will need to access e-Accounts and use “Make a guest deposit”.

Can I pay my tuition bill through learn.rochester.edu?

No. Tuition bills are paid through UR Student.  Questions about billing and payments should be directed to the Bursar’s office.

You can also contact the Bursar’s office at (585) 275-3931 or bursar@ur.rochester.edu.

Do parents have access to learn.rochester.edu?

No, parents do not have accounts in learn.rochester.edu.