What is Student onboarding in UR Student?

Student onboarding is a process of completing required tasks in the system by students, prior to creating a schedule or registering for classes in UR Student. These include, but are not limited to tasks such as; Review My Home Contact Information, Review My Friends and Family and Consent to receive 1098T electronically. There are 2 types of onboarding processes; Incoming and Continuous. Incoming onboarding begins with an email to students to their email listed on their UR application. This notification also appears in UR Student.

Will Student Access be going away?

Yes, the functionality currently contained within Student Access will be replaced by UR Student. The tab that currently links to these systems within Blackboard will be used for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 academic terms, then maintained a few months to help with transition. During this time, information contained within this tab will direct students to log into UR Student. The login for UR Student will be the same as the login for Blackboard (University NetID) but the user will be asked to log into each system separately. Students will have the best experience accessing UR Student from their desktop or laptop.

When and how do I onboarding and register for classes?

Class registration will begin in UR Student for Fall 2020 term. Visit the Student portal for 4 steps to prepare for registration.

What is a third party proxy and how do I manage permissions?

UR Student allows you to set up contacts as a third-party proxy so that they can access your account for a variety of reasons including making payments, viewing bills and accessing your account. You must designate the specific permissions you wish to grant through a feature called “Manage Permissions for Third Party”. This feature is expected to be available in July 2020.

How can I set my account up to allow someone to pay my bill on my behalf?

In order to grant permission for someone to pay a bill on your behalf, you must list that contact as a third-party proxy. Then, you must also “manage-permissions” for your third party proxy and designate the specific permissions you wish to grant. The ability to manage permissions for your third-party is a feature that is expected to be available in July 2020. Any payments that need to be made before this time will be managed through the legacy process.

When completing my onboarding tasks, can I choose not to receive the annual IRS 1098-T form electronically?

Part of the UR Student onboarding tasks is to review the 1098-T electronic form agreement. For those that do not wish to receive the form electronically, leave the check box unchecked and select submit to complete the task. If you need to change your preference, please visit your school’s bursar office to implement the change.