What is my URSpace user name and password?

You use your NetID and password to log in to URSpace.

What are the URSpace Desktop settings?

Refer to the URSpace Desktop settings at https://urspace.ur.rochester.edu/URSPACE.

How do I know which database I am logged into?

To determine which database you are logged into, click on the About icon in Room Maintenance. A smaller window displays. The name of the database you are logged in displays under the Fiscal Year field.

Who do I contact with questions about equipment?

For equipment questions, contact Property Accounting at equipadmin@finance.rochester.edu or call 275-7217.

I can't save or certify a record — what should I do?

For assistance meeting system business rules, email the details (including room number, department and a description of what you are trying to do) relating to your question to URSPACESPT@ur.rochester.edu.

How do I know when a room was certified?

  1. Select the room in question on the Room Maintenance screen.
  2. Click to select the Department Data tab. The Room Certified Date field reflects the Certification Date of the room you are currently viewing.

Is URSpace compatible with Microsoft Edge?

Yes, URSpace is compatible with Microsoft Edge.

Is training available?

Yes, URSpace training is offered on an annual basis. Training manuals and presentations are also available. If you have not yet attended training, please follow up with your manager about registering for training and obtaining current training materials.

User guides are also available in the URSpace system under Help / Getting Started / Downloads.