Who can use wireless?

In an effort to secure University resources, secure wireless is restricted to people with a current and active relationship with the University. This includes:

  • Active faculty/staff
  • Users of the wireless service at the Medical Center
  • Active students
  • Sponsored guests
  • Guests from Eduroam-participating institutions
  • Contractors

Visitors have access to the guest wireless network.

Students who have left the University and faculty/staff who have been suspended or terminated are no longer able to use the secure wireless network.

What do I need to use wireless?

You need a device with an integrated or external 802.11A/G or N wireless network interface card (NIC) that supports WPA. You will also need a valid Active Directory to access UR_Connected.

Which browsers can I use when connected to a URWireless network?

University IT has successfully tested Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

What can I try if my Mac does not connect to UR_Connected?

Occasionally, users will enable a protocol that does not work.  To see if you are experiencing this, go to the screen where you enable wi-fi; select “Open Network Preferences…”; look at your 802.1X profile for UR_Connected and validate that the profile shows PEAP/TTLS + EAP/FAST as enabled.  The usual cause for lack of connectivity is that PEAP/TLS is selected versus TTLS with two “T”s.

Do I need to register my wireless card with University IT?

No. It is not necessary to register your wireless card.

Do I need to reconfigure my machine with an IP address?

No, the wireless network will automatically provide you with an IP address.

Does Wi-Fi use affect computer battery life?

The wi-fi network protocol requires power to operate the wireless radio used to send and receive data. Using wi-fi on a computer or handheld device can significantly increase its power consumption, shortening battery life.

Do I need to disable antivirus on my wireless device to connect to a URWireless network?

While regular antivirus software should not interfere with setting up your wireless connection, many security packages that are included with antivirus software may include firewall programs that can prevent you from utilizing the URWireless networks.  Please refer to the software vendor who provided the security package for guidance on configuring the various aspects of their software for use with wireless networks.

Are there restrictions to what I can access when connected to a URWireless network?

The URWireless Acceptable Use Policy provides the guidelines for using the URWireless networks.

Can I have more than one device connected to a URWireless network at a time?

Yes, but we recommend that you have no more than 3 simultaneous logins at one time.

Will my username and password be protected when accessing a URWireless network?

Yes, your username and password are encrypted and protected against snooping.

Where can I print with wireless access?

Wireless printing is available for public printing in computer labs across campus. Wireless printing to personal printers is not currently supported.

What kind of network interface card should I use for wireless access?

Any network interface card (NIC) that is stated to be 802.11A, 802.11G or 802.11N compatible will work.

I used wireless before, why won't it work now?

The most likely causes of this problem are:

  • Loss of wireless signal
  • Wireless network interface card (NIC) is not enabled
  • The password used to access a network is incorrect

Refer to the wireless coverage map for coverage details or the wireless instructions page to verify the information was entered correctly.

How far away can I be from a wireless antenna?

The farther away you are from the antenna, the slower the connection. From 100 to 150 feet you can expect a strong wireless signal. Beyond 200 feet, service and bandwidth will continue to degrade until you move completely out of range. These connection speeds are under optimal conditions and other factors can contribute to a slow connection.

Can I use Universal Plug and Play devices, such as Chromecast, Roku, or AppleTV on URWireless?

No, the protocol supporting these devices is disabled on URWireless. These types of devices can cause severe performance impact and load issues on large, enterprise networks. If the needed protocols were enabled, overall performance on the wireless network would be degraded, device list results would be slow to return, and likely return lists of hundreds of devices available to choose from, making for an overall poor user experience.