In-room phone service includes: telephone and voicemail, 5-digit on-campus calling, free local calls, 800-number calls, and 24-hour help and information. To learn more about the features and functionality on the University’s telephone system, see our reference guides.

  • Select Your In-Room Phone Service

  • Summer semester is 3 months (mid-May through mid-August).
  • Service Agreement

  • Terms and Conditions

    University of Rochester telephone service is available to currently registered students in good standing.

    In support of services being rendered to me, I understand that I must abide by the terms and conditions stated below. Termination of my telephone service may occur without advance notice if the terms and conditions of this agreement are violated.

    1) My University of Rochester telephone service is not transferable.

    2) Vandalism, abuse, or theft of my telephone equipment will incur a fee of $250 for the replacement value of the equipment. I may lose my use of University-provided telephone service without refund as a result of improper use, which includes but is not limited to use in violation of law or University rules and policies.

    3) I understand the cost of my telephone service must be paid in full prior to the activation of the service.

    4) I will bring any dispute regarding my telephone service to the attention of the University of Rochester IT Center.

    5) The contract option that I select specifies the duration of my telephone service. Termination of the telephone service will depend on the option selected. University IT will send notice of telephone removal one week in advance.

    6) Fraudulent use of the University's telephone system is a misdemeanor under the Penal Law of New York State and is punishable by up to one year imprisonment and/or a minimum of a $1000 fine.

    Check or Money Order should be payable to University IT and sent to:

    Core Technology Services
    c/o University IT
    PO Box 278937
    Rochester, NY 14627-8937