Digitize and Grade Assessments Online

Web application for electronic submission and online grading of assessment
Gradescope can help cut grading times and provide valuable insight into student learning.

  • If you use a bubble sheet for multiple choice exams, please use the new template.
  • You can find a short general Gradescope walkthrough video here. Please feel free to share with colleagues.
  • A video with scanning tips and best practices.
  • A video and an image map of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Gradescope’s Get Started page for other helpful short videos.
  • Gradescope’s help center for written documentation and frequently asked questions.

Gradescope Blog (for general info and ideas about assessment)

About the Student Experience

Can you tell me about the student experience for Gradescope? Are there videos or resources that show what things are like for students?

Answer:  Yes, we have a video here that goes over all student workflows on Gradescope.

The video has chapters so that you can jump around to see various parts of the workflow:  https://gradescope.wistia.com/medias/oljo3t2hsy

You may also find it helpful to read through our student help center here:




When an instructor enrolls a student in a Gradescope course via Blackboard import, how is that student notified?

AnswerWhen the instructor syncs the roster from Blackboard to Gradescope, they’ll have an option to send an email notification to all imported students.

If you, the instructor, check this box, all students will receive an email with instructions for accessing Gradescope. If you don’t check the box, students won’t be notified, and the instructor will be able to send out the notification email later, once they’re ready to publish grades for the first assignment.


What do students see when an item is graded? How do they see feedback?

Answer: Take a look at timestamp #9:38 in the student workflow video linked above, and also at this part of the student help center:  https://www.gradescope.com/help#help-center-item-assignments-submissions-show


Do students need to create a Gradescope account or is this all linked with Blackboard?

Answer: Gradescope accounts are automatically created for each student when the instructor syncs the roster with Blackboard. So students do not need to individually register for accounts. To log in, each student can either set a password via the link in the Gradescope email notification, or they can use single sign-on by going to the Gradescope site, clicking log in, selecting School Credentials, and logging in with their Rochester NetID and password.