Once inside the meeting, there are many tools provided to help make it a successful one. Hosts and participants have a few differences, which are broken down here: 


As the Meeting Host

  • Turn on transcriptions (closed captioning) for all users to read. 
  • Set the gallery or “all together” mode for video users. 
  • Spotlight video – “pin” a user video as the primary view. Great for users that are presenting. 
  • Mute all 


Breakout Rooms 

  • Only the meeting organizer on a desktop PC can create and assign breakout rooms 
  • Up to 50 rooms 
  • Can be manually assigned or randomly 
  • Rooms can be renamed 
  • As the host, users can be manually moved around between rooms. 
  • Send announcements to all rooms 


What Attendees Cannot Do in a Breakout Room

  • Cannot add participants. 
  • Can not see suggestions of people who should join (only the host) 
  • Cannot get meeting details 
  • Cannot rejoin the original meeting themselves.