This role leads the processes by which business terms are defined, recorded, and linked to data collections.

Duties of an Information Architect

  • Publishes the business glossary, typically via Web portal but possibly also via enterprise service bus interfaces.
  • Records in the business glossary the appointed Steward and Trustee role holders for each domain, subset, or specific term.
  • Records in the business glossary the appointed Custodian for each data collection linked to a term in the glossary.
  • Exercises editorial control over the quality of business terms definitions in the business glossary.
  • Highlights diverged instances of previously converged business terms and asks if divergence should continue.  Mediates discrepancies among data stewards’ local business term descriptions.
  • Manages the process for adding new business terms to the business glossary.
  • Assists Trustees in quantifying the impact (financial and organizational) of proposed access rules.
  • Configures the business glossary to allow Stewards and Trustees to maintain their assigned content
  • Provides training to end users on data usage and data presentation.
  • Provides training and support to stewards, trustees, and custodians.