Lab Archives is an electronic lab notebook system that allows researchers, instructors, and students to store, organize, and publish their research or laboratory data.

Support for use of LabArchives is provided by the Libraries. Please reach out to their support team for help creating and using an electronic notebook, including creation of a notebook to use within your course.

When you connect a Lab Archives notebook with a Blackboard course, all students will automatically get accounts in LabArchives, obtain a copy of your lab notebook to work within, and grades on Assignments will be passed back to the Blackboard Gradebook.

Why Link to your Blackboard Course?

  • Grade passback to the Blackboard Grade Center available for each assignment. This may be helpful in large classes if grades on individual assignments are important.

Considerations for Linking to Blackboard

  • Even though each assignment is linked directly, students can access any area of the notebook once they click through. They will only be able to submit on the one assignment page that they clicked through.
  • Only the page where the Assignment button is located is locked when the student submits. Instructors may want to consider having the entire lab on a single page if using Blackboard linking.


Using LabArchives in your Blackboard Course

  • You must first create your own LabArchives account. Follow the instructions on the Support page.
  • You must also create a lab notebook that will be used as part of your course. Create a course/instructor notebook.
    • Your lab notebook must have “Assignments” as part of the pages in order to link to Blackboard.
    • Assignments create submission buttons for students and can lock the page after the student submits based on your notebook settings.
  • In LabArchives, access the Course Manager. Create a new course. Select the option to “link to Blackboard”. Create a LabArchives Course
  • In your Blackboard course, within a Content area, create a link to an Assignment by selecting Build Content, LabArchives. choose the Assignment that you want associated with this link. Link your Assignment in Blackboard
    • Create links for as many assignments as you wish within your Blackboard course.
    • A grade center item will be created for each assignment linked in the course.
  • If you make changes / additions to your instructor notebook, you will need to push updates to the student notebooks using the Update Student Notebooks button in the Course Manager of LabArchives. Manage Student Notebooks

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