How to Properly Dispose of Electronic Devices

Have unused electronics collecting dust? Perhaps it is time for some digital spring cleaning. Keep in mind that since 2015, New York State law requires recycling of virtually all electronics with fines starting at $100 per incident. Not to worry! Whether it’s University-owned or personal electronics, you can securely recycle digital devices free of charge through the IT Equipment Recovery Program. The UR Tech Store provides a list of Equipment Eligible for Recycling and different Recycling Options. When ready, you can either Request a Pickup or drop off electronics at the UR Tech Store’s Med Center location (Room G-7220B). Watch this fun video on Need to Know Proper Disposal.


Better Business Bureau Suggests a Spring Digital Makeover

The National Cyber Security Alliance and Better Business Bureau encourage consumers to work efficiently and safely by removing cyber clutter. Taking BBB’s 5 proactive steps to digitally spring clean can safeguard against identity theft, credit card fraud etc. Are you curious about how to responsibly manage emails and documentation at the University of Rochester? Check out the University’s policy on retention to understand the institution’s guidelines to managing emails and documentation.


Email purge, and why it’s important

When was the last time you sifted through your inbox and deleted unnecessary emails? Consider reading the University’s Retention Policy and take the time to delete or archive emails that no longer serve a purpose- this can help eliminate clutter and any messages that potentially hold sensitive data; all to create a more organized inbox. While you’re at it, you may want to review and update your email filters and spam settings. You can always get information on the University’s Email Use Policy on our University IT’s website.


ATTENTION: Student Employment Scams Strike Again!

There has been a recent uptick of fake emails sent to students offering employment opportunities. These phishing messages come from scammers posing as faculty members who request the “hired” individual provide their bank account information for direct deposit purposes. University IT are blocking the emails as they are reported. If you get a suspicious email, please report them to abuse@rochester.edu. If you have communicated with the person, stop responding. If you have given the person money, please contact the Department of Public Safety to file a police report and suspend the impacted accounts immediately. For tips on how to spot the red flags and to see examples of the most recent phishing attempts, please visit University IT’s site.