• Larger message storage capacity – 
50 GB for each user.
  • Improved access from portable devices including iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile
 – Access calendar entries and contacts, as well as email, from your mobile device.
  • Convenient web and desktop access
 – Full service web interface for accessing email as well as compatibility with the desktop email program Microsoft Outlook.
  • More effective email search and calendar functions
 – Search your email for details such as whether an e-mail contains attachments, and save your favorite searches to reuse them. Share calendars with other Microsoft 365 users and view multiple calendars side by side.
  • Built-in anti-spam and anti-malware message filtering – 
Integrated anti-spam tools for smoother control of email filtering and identification.
  • Seamless workflow with Microsoft Office and other programs
 – Send email easily from programs you use regularly, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Features Not Available

  • Public folders (frequently used to set up calendars, task lists, and contact lists for team or group collaboration and events) are not supported.
  • Full delegation and mailbox sharing is not supported between Office 365 and other mail services.