Below are a few MyHR terms to become familiar with. The audience these pertain to is indicated next to the term.


Supervisory Organization (Managers) A department, team, or functional area. As a manager, you manage a particular supervisory organization. Each of your team members hold positions inside of that supervisory organization. Your position sits in the superior supervisory organization that your manager manages.
Landing Page (All) Homepage which houses your Applications, icons, and the search bar.
Applications (All)  Icons to navigate to a specific topic (e.g. Personal Information, Benefits).
Worker (Managers) All employees who are hired or contracted. Employee and Worker are interchangeable terms.
Inbox (All) Contains all of the actions and tasks assigned to you.
Notifications (All) Messages letting you know the status of submitted actions or tasks.
Search Bar (All) Predictive search capability. The results become more precise as more characters are entered.
Business Process (All) A sequence of tasks required to complete a desired business objective
Task (All) Initiates a business process.
Effective Date The date the change will be made, implemented, or initiated in the system. Can be past, present, or future.


A complete listing of MyHR terminology is available for Employees and Managers.