A simple password may not seem to be a strong protection, but this NetID password is very different from others you have used. Also, the NetID database is kept secure and redundant across two separate storage environments.

  • Encrypted Data Storage – Banks use encryption in storing account information in their databases. Our UR NetID stores your account information and passwords in an encrypted format. We use different levels of encryption within our database, deemed to be even more advanced than some banks use.
  • Encrypted Password Transmission – When you type your password and send it across the network, what is transmitted is encrypted and not plain text.
  • The NetID uses LDAP, a standard protocol that is used by many of our peers who have also deployed Peoplesoft. UR has also started using Shibboleth, another security authentication standard that universities have embraced.
  • Our authentication server is behind a firewall and is monitored continuously for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. Access to the server is restricted. Incoming queries are authenticated and will be filtered/blocked before reaching the database, if questionable.

You are the best guard

It is very important to maintain the security of your NetID. Your NetID is unique and must be guarded as closely as you protect your PIN for your bank account or credit card. Do not share your password with anyone. If you think that someone has obtained your NetID and password, contact the IT Help Desk immediately at (585)-275-2000.