Changes coming to eduroam Wifi login

Beginning November 30th, the UR and URMC login for eduroam wireless will change from NetID to AD (Active Directory). Be aware that the login credentials may look different than you are used to.

Eduroam provides a secure wireless internet connection when visiting an eduroam partner/university. The level of access will be at the discretion of the local institution. To access University of Rochester protected resources, you may need to connect to UR VPN or URMC VPN services in addition to eduroam. A list of participating eduroam institutions is available on the Eduroam Community Organizations website.

To connect to the eduroam wireless when visiting participating locations:

  1. Select the eduroam wireless network on your device
  2. Enter your credential in the format below:
    • For UR credentials:
      • Username = ur\ur ad 
      • Password = AD Password
    • For URMC credentials:
      • Username = urmc-sh\urmc ad
      • Password = AD Password
  1. Trust the certificate when prompted.

Eduroam is not designed to be used by the UR community on our home campuses.

Please connect using URWireless (UR_Connected/UR_Connected5) on campus or UR_MCwireless5 at the Med Center or affiliates.

If you have questions or concerns about this change please reach out to the University IT Help Desk by phone (585) 275-2000 or email

or ISD Help Desk by phone (585) 275-3200 or email