Changes Coming to UR Zoom Login

In our continued efforts to streamline the end-user experience and increase consistency across university applications and services, the University is moving toward using a single authentication technology. Currently, faculty, staff, and students use either NetID credentials (e.g., HRMS) or Active Directory (AD) credentials (e.g., Workday, Blackboard, Wireless, etc.) to gain access to systems and applications. Over the past year, most applications and systems have transitioned from NetID to AD as a means for authentication and authorization.

Soon, users logging into Zoom with UR accounts must use their AD username and password instead of their NetID. While most faculty, staff, and students already have the same (synched) username for their NetID and AD credentials, some do not. For those who do not, you will be provided with additional information on how to manage this change. This change ONLY impacts UR Zoom accounts. URMC Zoom accounts will not be affected.

MOST Zoom users will be using the SSO option to log in and then you will be redirected to the familiar Active Directory (AD) Login screen.


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