Remote access to Email and Teams with web browser – need VPN connections for foreseeable future

With recent IT and security updates, remote access to mail and Teams has changed for the University (UR), including URMC and Affiliates.

Here’s a quick recap on how you can access your mail remotely:

Remote access to your email and M365 Teams using a web browser now requires a University VPN connection. This change was made after the phishing attack on the University in late May and will remain in place until additional safeguards can be implemented in the coming months. Meanwhile, the VPN provides another layer of security to protect our mail environment from potential cyberattacks.

There is no change if you are using mobile devices (smartphones or notebooks) to access your mail via Outlook or another mail app (Apple Mail, Google Mail, etc.)

If you are using a personally owned or shared computer, you must use VPN, Virtual Desktop (VDI), or Citrix to get to Mail and Teams. Zoom does not work well with Citrix. Please copy the Zoom link out of Citrix to the local computer or a mobile device.

You will not be able to access OWA from a public computer, such as one in the hotel business center or lobby.

For additional assistance, contact your Help Desk: 

University IT Help Desk

URMC ISD Help Desk