UR Student

The Student Information System (SIS), a highly complex system in motion for more than 30 years, recently underwent efforts with a replacement project to integrate a new modern solution to be known as, UR student. This new solution is now available to record the University’s student finance, records and registration, admissions and financial aid activities which aligns to the University’s vision.


In order to develop such a solution, a UR student project team was formed and tasked to participate in a partnership program to help design a next-generation student system. A holistic approach paves the way to keep pace with the University’s rapidly evolving needs while providing sustainable support.  The project’s website has been created to serve helpful information on status updates, project timeline, and other available resources, and the team will provide opportunities to learn, ask questions and provide input regarding the project as it progresses. Initially, content will be updated on a bi-monthly basis with plans to increase frequency as the project progresses through the implementation.





The UR Student system has been designed with usability and utility in mind. This implementation will encompass policy, process, and technology changes.  Keep up to date by visiting this site and participating in learning opportunities announced throughout the lifecycle of this effort.  A calendar of events will be offered as we approach go live for each phase of the program.


Learning opportunities will be offered in the following manner:

Demo DaysPresentations – Monthly meetings will be established after the design and configuration stage of the project to all interested in learning more about the project progress and capabilities of the new system. These meetings will be conducted in a presentation style with demonstrations and Q&A session.  Events will be communicated via the Calendar page and News page.

Hands On Sessions – These events will be offered for a defined period of time at select locations throughout the campus and College Town locations prior to go live.  These guided sessions will allow users to experience the system first hand to see what it can do. Events will be communicated via the Calendar page and New page.

Instructor-Led Training – Classroom based training will include instruction and hands-on exercises for Staff users based on projected system role.  Documents and online guides will be provided to participants.  Training will be held in scheduled classes and will be required before a user will be assigned access to the system.  Instructor-led training is targeted for faculty and staff personnel.

On Demand eLearning and Videos: – For users with data entry security, foundational system training will be offered in preparation for required instructor-led class.  System data users will be offered short and long form videos available for unlimited, instantaneous viewing.

Quick Reference Materials– these self-service performance support materials are intended to provide assistance to users at the point of need, or to groups of users for which instructor-led training is not anticipated to be ideal.  Quick Reference Videos and Guides will be on specific topics that are role based.  This will provide easy visual reference on common tasks (registration, changing a major, changing status, etc.).  These types of materials are anticipated for faculty, staff as well as student users.

Support – as a part of the project’s deployment into production, support will be offered to all users within your department by designated UR Student Champions and the project team.  This will provide point of need assistance for common user questions.  A list will be provided of UR Student experts as the project approaches go live.



For more information regarding this project, visit: https://www.rochester.edu/urstudent/ 

Read the FAQ at: https://www.rochester.edu/urstudent/faq/