URMC Wireless Network Upgrade Coming Soon

Beginning Tuesday, August 20, the Medical Center will begin upgrading the wireless network used by faculty and staff: UR_MCwireless. The work will span a few months’ time, ultimately making possible faster roaming and a more secure connection.

While care has been taken to schedule the work so that it minimizes any extended disruption of wireless service, some users may experience brief outages and/or may need to reconfigure their connections.

Aug. 20 – Sept. 6 — Pop-Up Notices Hinder Wireless Connection

Some faculty and staff will receive a pop-up notice that prompts them to “terminate the connection because credentials could not be validated.”

  • Faculty and staff who receive this notice should contact their department’s IT staff, or the ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200, to reconfigure their wireless connections.
  • Further instructions are posted on the ISD Intranet website (click “Get Help,” then “Connecting to the URMC Network,” then “Connecting From Work”).
  • Please note that if faculty and staff work both at the Medical Center campus and offsite locations, they may receive this pop-up notice twice—and will need to reconfigure the connections twice (once at the Medical Center and once at an offsite location).

Date TBD — Brief Outages to Occur

As ISD finalizes the network upgrade, a series of brief outages, lasting no more than five minutes each, will occur. ISD will provide updates with exact times/dates as the work draws nearer.

For further questions or concerns, please contact ISD’s Help Desk at (585) 275-3200.