Be EXTRA Vigilant With [EXT] Emails

Scammers are using fake emails or signatures to appear as University of Rochester employees. University IT reminds you to pay extra attention to what is in the subject line. Incoming emails from outside the University starts with [EXT] in the subject line, to alert you that the message is coming from an external source and remind you to exercise appropriate caution before interacting with the message. For more information, visit University IT’s External Email Alert page. If you receive a suspicious email, report it immediately to abuse@rochester.edu.



Keep your employee badge and student ID secure

University faculty, staff, and students receive an ID card for official identification and it acts as a physical key to provide access to permitted University locations. University IT reminds you that having this access is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. It is crucial to exercise caution when individuals without an ID request a swipe in to gain entry into a building. Be sure to keep your ID card in your control at all times to prevent unauthorized access that can be traced back to you. Should you misplace your ID badge, report it immediately to the River Campus or Medical Center ID Card Office. When a replacement badge is issued or you leave the University as an employee, your badge must be returned to the ID Office. Learn more about ID cards here.



Eight tips for shopping safe on Cyber Monday

Phony websites and false advertisements promoting too-good-to-be-true deals on this year’s hottest items are circulating the web in preparation for the most popular shopping holiday, Cyber Monday. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to only shop with trustworthy sellers and to do their research to compare prices. Remember, the cheapest deal may actually cost you. Read more from the BBB including eight tips for safe Cyber Monday shopping. University IT notes that cyber criminals go to great lengths to make their messages appear legitimate, so it is crucial to be vigilant with emails or text messages related to Cyber Monday or extended Black Friday deals. Inspect the sender’s email address, and avoid clicking suspicious links.