Perusall is a digital bookshelf that allows users to collaborate and annotate documents together. Instructors can create assignments based on content and students can see each other’s annotations.

When you link within Blackboard, all students will automatically get accounts and be logged in when working in your Perusall course.

Using Perusall in your Blackboard Course

  • Within your Blackboard course, within a Content area, choose Tools, Perusall Course.
    • If this is your first time linking Perusall in this course, a Perusall “course” will be created and you will be prompted to “Build your Perusall course”.
    • You may want to hide this course access link from students in Blackboard and have them use specific assignment links.
  • Be sure to update the settings in your Perusall course before adding assignments as the settings can impact how your gradebook and grade pass back works.
    • Settings: LMS Grade Sync
      • Grade Sync to LMS – If set to automatically, grades will automatically pass back with no need for the instructor to intervene
      • LMS Gradebook column management – If you wish to control the grading in Perusall differently from inside Blackboard (points) be sure to use the “Deep links” option. Automatic creation of gradebook columns will set points based on the settings in Perusall and create a grade center column for every assignment you create, even if not linked in your course.
  • Add your materials to the Library and create assignments using the instructions below.

Adding a Perusall Assignment Link in your Blackboard Course

  • Within your Blackboard course, within a Content area, choose Build Content, Perusall Assignment.
    • Once an assignment or library is created or copied over into your Perusall course, to add the material to Blackboard, select from the list on the original Perusall course page.
  • You will be notified that the Perusall assignment/library had been added to your Blackboard course. You may be prompted to refresh the Blackboard course page to see the links.

Using Panopto videos within Perusall

  • Panopto videos can be part of Perusall assignments; however not with their normal Share links.
  • To obtain a URL that can be imported into Perusall
    • Click the Gear icon (Settings) on your Panopto video
    • Choose Outputs from the left menu
    • Find View Podcast and right click to Copy the link

Other Perusall Features

  • Groups within Blackboard can be used as groups within Perusall assignments.
    • Settings – Grouping – Specify Groups –  Choose Import from Blackboard Learn
  • Student View feature will display the assignment as students see it, including anonymous postings.
  • As long as a student clicks ONE of the links to an assignment, their grades will be passed back for any and all assignments in the course.



  • Used Perusall before? If you previously had a Perusall 1.1 course and this is the first time you are using the 1.3 version, you will be prompted with a one-time email to confirm a Perusall merge.
  • First time user of Perusall? Your instructor account will be created when you link over from Blackboard the first time.

Perusall Help


Note: If using Perusall with a textbook, it is highly recommended that you ask students to use Barnes and Noble bookstore to purchase the textbook code. Contact Barnes and Noble in advance to make sure that your textbook request is available to students when they need it.